How To Profit From Luxury Mega Yacht Sales

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Mega yachts are also sometimes called super yachts. The generally accepted definition for these is any luxury vessel over 24 meters, or about 70 to 75 yards long. These boats may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy or tens of thousands of dollars to rent. In addition to the sales price, the boats cost something to run, maintain, and crew.

However, people who are interested in owning one for their own use or as a rental vessel can take advantage of luxury mega yacht sales to find deals. Savvy shoppers may be able to trim hundreds of thousands of dollars off of the sales price of a super-long boat.

How To Find Luxury Mega Yacht Sales

Of course, there is a lot of excitement when new luxury vessels roll out of the shipyards. In fact, these ships are often entered in design contents in order to win awards and generate even more publicity. While very wealthy people or cruise companies may be eager to snatch one of these boats up, many buyers have to find cheaper ways to acquire large vessels through an elite yacht brokerage firm.

There is an old saying about people who buy boats. That is, the happiest days of their lives are the day that they buy and the day that they sell. Of course, many boat owners are quite happy with their crafts. But there are certainly plenty of people out there who wish they had saved their money.

Why Are Some Yacht Sellers Willing To Deal?

These very large ships are expensive to maintain and run. Some may run with a crew of less than 10 people. Others may need dozens of professional yacht crew people to run them. Besides all of the other expenses, wages have to get paid.

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In some cases, the owners may have financial issues that weren’t expected when they bought the boat. In other cases, the owners may just decide that they don’t care to be responsible for a yacht any longer, so they decide to get their investment back. Of course, some yacht enthusiasts are quite wealthy and just want to sell their old yacht in order to buy a newer and even bigger one. Of course, charter companies may also want to upgrade in order to attract customers.

In any case, buyers who are willing to purchase a mega yacht that is a few years old can take advantage of great sales. While some of these cruise boats are reserved for the personal use of very rich people, most are owned by companies that charter them for cruises. An investment in a large mega yacht can be a great way to start a charter business.

Imagine having a job that meant sailing the warm waters of the Caribbean all day. These super yachts are not cheap to purchase, but they can bring in a lot of revenue as well. Some owners simply live on them, so they don’t need to own a house.